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The Southeastern Regional Injury Control Network

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The Southeastern Regional Injury Control Network is a regional organization whose volunteer membership draws from eight southeastern states (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee), The Injury Control Research Center University of Alabama at Birmingham, The Injury Prevention Research Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, and other national organizations.


The Southeastern Regional Injury Control Network is dedicated to developing a coordinated, effective approach to unintentional and intentional injury control in the southeastern states.


To reduce unintentional and intentional injuries by fostering interagency collaboration and communication among the network members.


  • To support each state's initiatives to establish and implement a statewide injury control plan that works toward achieving Healthy People 2000 objectives.
  • To provide training sessions and information exchange opportunities for professionals within the region.
  • To participate in skill-building workshops.
  • To gain a greater understanding of the practice and research of injury control within each state.
  • To examine state and regional data on injuries and provide a report to each state for program planning, implementation, evaluation, policy, and other injury control initiatives.
  • To facilitate the development of self-sufficient statewide and interstate injury control programs and projects throughout the southeast region.

The membership conducts quarterly meetings to share and develop program and intervention strategies, train injury personnel, develop and use injury surveillance systems, disseminate injury information, and promote awareness of the injury problem in the Southeast region.

Selected Network Activities 1991-1995

  • Collaboration with the University of North Carolina Injury Prevention Research Center on the Southeastern Child Care Safety Project.
  • Collaboration with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Injury Control Research Center on the Southeastern Comprehensive Head Injury Center Prevention Education Program.
  • Inventory of Southeastern state motor vehicle laws.
  • Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games injury surveillance project.
  • Presentation and exhibit at the Southeastern Regional Maternal and Child Health Conference.
  • Worked in a public/private partnership which raised over $200,000 for child safety seats that were distributed across the Southeast to low income families.


List of Contacts for Southeastern Regional Injury Control Network

Beth Lewis
Alabama Department of Public Health

David Jacobsen
Florida Injury Control Program
Florida Department of health and Rehabilitative Services

Steve Davidson
Injury Control Section
Georgia Department of Human Resources

Tim Struttmann
Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center
University of Kentucky

Joe Surkin
Mississippi State Department of Health

North Carolina
Jeanne Givens
Injury Control Section
North Carolina Department of Environment, Health
and Natural Resources

South Carolina
Leroy Frazier
Office of Injury and Disability Prevention
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Carlo Dade
Injury Control Program
Tennessee Department of Health

Other Agency Contacts

Alison Hilton
Injury Prevention Research Center
University of North Carolina

Matthew Rousculp
Injury Control Research Center
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Tom Enright
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Region IV
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